Sunday, March 11, 2007


Okay, I have to write about this. I can laugh about it today, but yesterday I wasn't. This is a short version of my day yesterday. Woke up, getting ready, my daughter comes upstairs telling me she was sorry for the accident in the kitchen. So I proceeded downstairs to find orange juice all over the floor, my kitchen mat, fridge, and cupboards. Later that day I go and get my son from his nap. Walk into his room and he's sitting in his crib with his legs hanging out over the edge. I can tell he has a poopy diaper the moment the door opens. I notice the rocking chair moved and his crib, while fixing those I look at him and realize he has no diaper on. The poopy diaper is in the middle of the floor and he's sitting on his freshly cleaned crib sheet with a poopy bum (removing own diaper, sure sign it's time to potty train-officially). So I clean that up,throw bedding into laundry and him in the tub. Thankfully it didn't get anywhere else. After that ordeal, I decide to work out. The kids are working out with me and the next thing I notice my son is crying and my daughter is saying sorry. He calms down and I proceed to work out. Then I notice a spot on my couch pillow, upon turning the lights on, I realize it's blood. My daughter accidentally ran into my son giving him a bloody nose. Blood on my couch, blood on his clean shirt, blood on his freshly cleaned Tonton (stuffed bear). So I had to take care of that. Then finally it was dinner time. My hubby showed up with 2 of his boys from the home while I was getting dinner for the kids. Gave my daughter her plate, next thing I hear is "Oops, Sorry." I turn to look and she had spilled her green applesauce all over the floor (carpet). Nice. My hubby took care of that thankfully. So that was my day. Never ending accidents. Those types of days are few and far between. They're no fun in the midst of it, but looking back, I can't help but laugh. Kids!


sparky said...

yeah, that's pretty much the worst i've heard yet. i can't even go there, cause i haven't had anything like that. my days are coming... i can feel a surge of wind against my back.

phillycheese said...

And the saga continues... milk on the couch.. does it ever end? I think we should wrap our house in plastic. Not so aesthetically pleasing, but easy clean-up. I'm sorry your day was so bad. Osaka's made up for it right? :)