Friday, March 23, 2007

What sustains me at this moment in my life

Isaiah 55:9

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than you thoughts."

Life is crazy at this very moment and it all began several weeks ago. Ironically it began on a day in which I didn't feel settled inside (a good unsettled), I felt like something big was going to be taking place and God was saying "HOLD ON". So much had happened the weeks prior and my husband and I were wondering what was going on. One day, I happened to read my home page when I sign on to the internet and this was the bible verse. I looked the verse up in my Charles Stanley Life Principles bible and re-read the verse. My fingers happened to to be holding some other pages and when I turned to them it was on his Life Principle #14 God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him. I sat in awe, it is what I needed to read. It was days before I knew what the unsettled excitement ("Sit down and hold on" feeling) was all about. Here we are now, just a few weeks from those moments, in the process of finishing our basement to sell it quickly and move back home to ID by July. Crazy!!! It is every day that my husband and I are taking steps of faith for this move. I won't lie, there are days where we just don't understand what is going on and how it's all going to work (there are many details in this decision). But there is never a day where there is no peace with the decision to still go at this time. That brings me back to why Isaiah 55:9 is what I hold onto everyday. I don't know what the details are and what God is doing right now, but I trust Him. And just to add, never in my heart, did I think that the changes that have taken place within my husband (wanting to move back, etc.)would take place. God is amazing and He has done some unbelievable work within my husband in several areas, including me. That is my thought for today!


Dionna said...

I bet Phil's family is so excited to have him coming home to Boise! We have NO family living near us at all - what a blessing it will be to have so many of yours together.
I look forward to meeting you in person. :)

sparky said...

i got this weird feeling of excitement rush over me reading your email. i think i was having sympathy endorphines :o) no really, i just felt such feeling of relief for you guys. you've been so patient. you are coming home. you will have a new house and a new beginning and finally be just a step away from family. this touches my heart. we've missed you. it's time for you to get back here. then we will be complete. we've got so much to catch up on. i'm looking forward to cultivating our relationship once again. besides, i need someone here to kick my butt into tai bo shape :o)
i love you!

onehotpotato said...

i too am excited for you guys. my heart is happy at the thought of the kids getting to grow up together. it's such a huge step in your family history. God has brought you guys so far. moving away was necessary on mulitple levels for you guys to grow up in Him. but it seems it's time to come full circle. hopefully, now we can be the supportive and loving safety net you need to fosture the healty growth in your children and your marraige.

we definitely have so much to be grateful for--family coming home is one.

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