Saturday, March 17, 2007

1 Fish 2 Fish

A few days ago we mourned the loss of the family's first pet. Yes, Nemo passed away late one night after a long day of struggling to stay alive. There was no question that he would be replaced, and quickly! The following morning I sat my daughter down and explained. I decided not to lie and gave her the whole truth. She took it quite well and was more than excited to get a new fish (Nemo's memory was already gone). So now we have Nemo Jr. Both kids are happy and that's what matters.

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sparky said...

i think about how difficult it will be when one of the pupps passes. by then (hopefully a long time from now) they will have bonded with the kids. as much as i hate them at times (and by them i mostly mean husker :o) i still love them
if only we'd gotten three fish instead