Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good Morning

Cup of Coffee, Milan Duomo, under the rain
Woke up this morning with the light coming in the window nice and bright. You can feel spring! I love it. I looked at my clock and thought 830am, not too bad, kids aren't even awake. Then I realized it was actually 930am, I completely forgot to set my clocks ahead. Whoops! Still a good morning though. Today should be in the 60s, a great day to finally whip out the scented bubbles my daughter wanted and go outside and blow them. We've had a lot of wind and not so warm temps for awhile. Things are finally taking a turn. Now if only I could muster up the energy to finally wash my car. Garages aren't too popular around here in VA so your car is exposed all year long, and with the amount of rain we get, it's impossible to keep your car clean. Needless to say, my cars paint in chipping. If we decide to keep the thing, that will definitely be a paint job for the future. Well, tune in for tomorrow. I tried out a new recipe from Everyday Italian (Food Network) and it was awesome! Easy to make, cheap, and great tasting. I'll post it tomorrow.


sparky said...

i'm with you girl. spring is definately here in boise. 70's! can you believe it. i've been out every day walking w/ry ry. it's good for both of us. someone told me that fresh air actually tires babies out. it's good for them, gives me exercise, and i get a nap out of him after it's all said and done. not bad. now i'm just jonsin for some patio furniture!!!!

phillycheese said...

Just to make everyone jealous out in Boise, it's 73 here today and 79 tomorrow. But then back to the 40's for the weekend. Kind of backwards eh? That's the kind of weather that gets you sick. Change in temps. like that always does it to me. But you wouldn't know anything about being sick would you honey? Love you.