Monday, May 12, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

I don't have time to really write anything, but thought I'd drop a quick note on my weekend. There seems to be so much going on that my mind is forgetting simple things. Crazy. Friday we had some new friends over for a BBQ. Really cute couple and a lot of fun. They are recently married and moved here from Lynchburg, VA. Hey what do you know. Anyway, their happy to meet a couple that has something in common and "knows" the Boise area. It will be fun getting to know them. Saturday was a blur. From stopping by a Teen Focus car wash that my husband helped at, to a trip to Barnes and Noble (we messed up the times for the school book fair for my daughter, so to make it up we went to BN and bought her a book, dragons, who would have guessed). Then we had to get home because sod was being laid out back. Sunday, Mothers Day. I'll leave it at that. So here we are again, starting the crazy cycle for the week. Monday. Is it Friday yet? There are some things on the up and up. Yeah! For now I must go back to life as a stay at home mom and clean a few bathrooms, cook some cookies and lemon ricotta muffins and clean a downstairs so that we can host home teams tonight. Adios.

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SPARKY said...

sounds like a good, tyical weekend. who are these va folks? that's crazy.