Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I'm Superman, Mommy!"

Gone are the days of my "baby!" He is a true little boy now and finding his own interests, no longer his sisters. Not leaving behind Hot Wheels by any means, his new adventure, SUPERMAN. He could watch a superman dvd over and over and not get bored with it. But he's graduated from just watching it to "becoming" superman. My couch cushions go flying and he rips off his shirt and starts to fly and flex his little muscles! Apart from getting annoyed by constantly putting my couch back together 5+ times a day, I can't help but laugh. When he's in the moment and I ask him to do something, he always replies with, "I'm not P*****, I'm Superman!" I miss my little baby, but I'm enjoying seeing him grow up and become the boy that he is. Now that he's starting to separate himself from his sister's interests, I am so amazed at how different the two of them are and how their little minds work. They each have "their own" way about them. It keeps my life interesting!

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hot potato said...

cute post. superman never seems to go "out". my husband has stories of jumping from the staircase with his cape on... and that was just last year!

kidding. seriously, he loved his s.m. costume.