Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yes, that is my new nickname for our chocolate lab! She's on my black list right now and hasn't quite worked herself off of it. Let me preface this with how things have gone since Friday. My son hasn't quite gotten over some weird cough, the kind that if you get a coughing spell you throw up. Well, Friday after dinner we gave the kids some ice cream in "pink" ice cream cones. They started running around the house w/ daddy and yes, my son threw up all over the carpet in my front room. "PINK" ice cream cone, mind you, stains quickly. So I whipped out the steam cleaner and saved the carpet. Well, Saturday morning rolls around and my daughter is heading out w/ my husband to a teen focus car wash and can't find her sun hat. So I head up stairs to find it and hear something that just doesn't sound right. I came running downstairs and wished I wasn't seeing what I saw. I came closer and my fears were confirmed, Barley had decided to chew 2 holes in my carpet!!!! This house isn't even a year old. She even decided to eat the carpet fibers. It took me a while to realize that she was getting the carpet in the exact same spot that my son got sick on. She is lucky to be alive right now! Thankfully we have plenty of carpet left over from construction, but I haven't found any carpet adhesive yet and haven't mustered up the energy to fix it. PURE EVILNESS! She's seems to be on a streak for some reason. Well, my weekend didn't stop there, but I won't go on a complaining spree. So I'll leave it at that. Let me end with this, Barley, you are lucky you are so cute and have been for the most part a good dog!


hot potato said...

ohhh. so sorry about your carpet! it really does take such a beating just with our feet, but then you add children spitting up and pets getting frisky and it's at a whole new level. i hope you are able to repair it soon.

the picture is so cute, though.

SPARKY said...

i started to giggle out loud when i saw the title picture of this post and that picture of barley because i remember, oh not so long ago, my posts about one particular evil doer that i was on the verge of killing. ahhhh, life is funny. the more i'm around dogs, telling them to shut up, cleaning up their messes of destruction, cleaning up the pee they sprayed on the garage floor, and watching them destroy my yard, the less it makes sense why in the world we have pets.