Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Okay, it has been decided that we will not be switching homes anytime soon. Thank the Lord for that on many many levels. My track record of moving is quite impressive, and I'm just thinking of my married years. You should hear about all the moves growing up. Anyway, we are currently undergoing a refinance which is huge for us. Opens up some breathing room. Since there is no move in the near future of a year or so, I am desperately wanting to make my home my own. I need COLOR! Right now it's the cheapest decorating tool and does so much for a room. But, I have a problem. My last endeavour of painting my old house in VA left a bad taste in my mouth. It was the whole idea of finishing a basement, won't go into too much detail. I'll just say it was a time I'd rather not look back on, too stressful. Anyway, now I cringe at the sight of a paint brush and roller. I'm really good at it, that's not the problem. I seem to have a block now, no motivation. Maybe I just need to buck up and do it. Start off small and maybe it won't be a problem. Who knows. Now that we're starting on our yard, yeah!!!!, I would like to add a little something to the inside. Maybe a visit to the good 'ole Home Depot and some color swatches might jump start a decorating job.


hot potato said...

if you need help, call me.

as far as how many times you've moved, that just isn't right girlfriend. let's just forget about all that and plant some deep roots right here in the northwest!

SPARKY said...

me too. you know i'm right around the corner. i've done my share of helping girlfriend choose colors. it's all part of the fun. let's get some boldness up on those walls. it's all part of the settling part. i now how you feel. with things up in the air for us, i'm just dying to get somewhere somewhat permanent so i can start to put some paint on my walls too.
so i'll just live vicariously through you. of course i'm only talking bout the picking part. no labor included :O)