Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vonage-SO COOL

Okay, so for the first time, we went over our cell minutes. Only reason, my hubby's new software job. Not only does he do a lot of sales calls, but he also does training and meetings via the internet and phone. Vonage. That's all I have to say. We just got it Friday. We don't have a land line nor do we want one. Best Buy was running a special on the start up kit which included the phone base router and a phone by V-tech which was $99 with a $100 mail in rebate. So we got it for free. Plus we got a $50 Best Buy gift card. So cool! Then we signed up for the unlimited local & long dist. plan for $24.99/mo and we get the 1st mo free. You get all the cool features for call waiting, call forward, conference, etc..............(list goes on) and we can call several European countries for free! This is beginning to sound like a sales pitch. Oh well, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who hates local phone co and the price you pay. You can also travel w/ your vonage system. My hubby's already used it for a meeting and it worked great! Those he was in a meeting with said they could hear him better than when he's on his cell. Why we didn't get this earlier, I don't know. But the timing worked out great!


sparky said...

i'm in. put your speech together again and prepare to give it when you're out here. i'd be game. sounds like a wonderful deal.
our land line sucks big time too. does it work for faxing?

phillycheese said...

I'll add to the commercial. Everyone I've talked to on it says that call quality is great. The only downer is that if your internet goes out, so does your phone. And don't unpulg the router, you'll hang up on whomever you're talking with. Lesson learned