Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy Busy

My posts are so sporadic. I have a really good excuse for this last week. I've been sick, thanks to the little people! I'm doing much better today, thanks to lots of praying, zycam, airborne, green tea, sudafed, echinacea, advil, lemon & honey drink, I think that's all. So yeah. Now comes the part of my week where I have to get a lot done before this coming Tues. It's a lot of work to get ready to leave for 3 weeks w/ 2 kids. Not only do I have to get things ready for the 3 of us, but I also have to have certain things prepared for my husband who is staying home. I'm getting more nervous each day thinking about flying alone w/ my 2 kids. I pray they are little angels for the whole day. It's going to be a very long one. I'm very excited to see family, at the same time I'm saddened about being apart from my husband for 3 weeks. Bitter-sweet I guess. Well, when I have more time today and have access again to our 1 computer, I'll post again.


onehotpotato said...

i can feel your anxiety--i would be the same way. i'll be praying for you! can't wait to see you guys. your a technical girl---i know you can get what you need done.....lists, lists, lists.

phillycheese said...

babe, do we really have all of those things in our cabinet? i'm glad you're feeling better and i'm going to miss all of you dearly. i'll be praying as well for your trip. i love you!

sparky said...

my prayers go up too girly. you can do it. it'll be worth it. just remember my motto. everything of value comes w/a price. it's like cleaning a huge dirty house, but then getting the check and buying some fabulous designer handbag. We are your handbag!! i know...cheesy..but it's all i got