Monday, January 15, 2007


Okay, this is the only thing so far that I can't stand about my daughter being in school. We're constantly getting sick! Less than 2 mo ago we all just got over being sick and now we have it again. It's funny, Anneliese always is the first, then Peyton, then me. My husband hardly ever gets it, he says it's because he's not afraid of getting dirty and having to sanitize all the time. Whatever. My routine, zycam and airborne (& a vitamin) everyday all day. I leave in 1 week and the last thing I need is to be sick w/ 2 sick kids on an airplane w/ no help. Dropping my daughter off this morning, a little reminder was waiting for me in her cubby. Kindergarten pre-registration next month. 5 years, where did they go? I cannot believe that she will be in school next fall. My first born is beginning her school career. I'm a little saddened, but at the same time excited for her. She'll love it. She may only just be entering kindergarten and I still have 13 yrs with her before college, but time is flying by and it's scary. The first 5 years of her life seem to almost be a blur. All those parents before me, I fully understand what you meant. I plan on making a ton of memories and enjoying every minute. Well, I just read my sister-in-law's latest blog and now I need a coffee. Time to go.


sparky said...

did you enjoy your coffee? made ya think huh? yeah, i'm already only 10 weeks into my little one and i'm already dreading the day he leaves for college. i feel like it will be tomarrow if i'm not careful.
so glad to see so many posts. i know i've said it but i just love to keep up on your life like this. as always... love you

phillycheese said...

I refuse to think about it. I'm like the little kid in the play who thinks that if he turns his back to the audience, no one will see him. I refuse to acknowledge she is starting... therefore it won't happen. Right?