Sunday, August 24, 2008

All aboard the Hectic Train!

Well, once again it has been awhile since my last post. Oh well. Too much going on, BBQ's here and there, swimming, need I say more? Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of school. It didn't actually hit me until today that life really is going to be hectic again. No more lazy days. Tonight I have to prep my daughters backpack with school supplies and her lunch box. Unbelievable. Where did summer go? We go from having most evenings open back to only 3 days available during the week. Crazy crazy. At least one crazy cycle is over for now in our life. Our prayers were answered with my husband's job. Let's just say everyone still has their job and it is about to get crazy! Crazy in a very good way. God is moving in this company, you just wait and see. This is a story to tell in the future of how it came to be. Well, I don't have much to say tonight. I have to prep for the first day of school and bathe 2 kids, since we had our last (pretty sure it was our last) skin cancer treatment at the pool today. Well, I did, I don't burn after 1 major burn, thank you indian skin!!! SPF 50 has barely allowed my children to experience tan lines. Good stuff. Good night and good luck to all those going to school tomorrow.

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SPARKY said...

yeah...i'm amazed at their pastiness after a summer of pools and parks :O)....that stuff works like must be their skin tone cause i put it on ry and he's a little brown berry.
things will even out after a while and you're gonna have a lot more time to get stuff done with only one at home.....enjoy!