Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's back to school time!

Aaaahhh, I have reached the "true" back to school point in a parents life. My daughter starts 1st grade in 19 days! Full days of school mean breaks for mommy. I'm so excited. I will have to admit, I'm not the only one. My daughter is looking forward to it also. She loves school. Just like her mommy, well at least until I hit college. Kindergarten was only 3 hours, not really the true school experience. Hence my first sentence. I feel like we are entering a brand new stage in life. I am reminded of those old Staple commercials of the parents riding the shopping carts in absolute bliss buying their kids school supplies while the child drags behind, unhappy. I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad that I'm so excited. I guess since she's excited, I can be excited too. Once again, I will have some free time with my son, a whole day in fact. I am going to really gear him up for preschool next year. So I will be working with him a lot to get him ready. The second child is always a bit behind, not enough one on one time. This whole school thing has me quite excited for fall also. "Bouquets of sharpened pencils" (a line from You've Got Mail). Gotta love it!


Life As I Know It said...

I totally understand your bliss! My shopping cart is leading the pack at Staples! :O) This year BOTH of my kids will be in school. Granted, Caleb will only have the 3 hour kindergarten class, but that is THREE WHOLE HOURS of mommy time! I don't think it's wrong to be excited. I know my kids are. Enjoy!

SPARKY said...

i don't know...i think i'll be sad when each of my kids (assuming i'll have more :O) goes to first grade. especially the last one. that will be the hardest. it's good to see that anneliese enjoys school. :O) she's a little smarty...too smart in fact.