Saturday, December 09, 2006

A new beginning

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by © hunnerds2

The title is fitting to an event that has taken place in my life. All of which fits with the name of my blog. At this point in time though it will remain between God and I. It's an event that will first be shared with the love of my life, who so rightly deserves to be the first to read what I have written. You see, I've done something a little different for Christmas for him this year. Needless to say, it has to remain a secret until the 25th this month. After Christmas, one of the things I've written to mark this event, I just may share. The main part of my gift is a personal gift, only for him. I don't think just telling my husband this event will do it justice. My writing evokes an emotion that I know he will understand even in the deepest parts of his soul. This is why I write, to tug at the insides, to share parts of me you'll never hear me speak. I love my husband and I love that he truly sees what's in my writing.


Anonymous said...

I'm a littel confused by your post. But I guess in time (hopefully by Christmas) I'll understand more of what you are speaking of. Maybe you could fill me in as to what some of what your doing?

Anonymous said...

ps, good to see you publish a new post. you need to get on the ball and post every day. start telling us what you did that day, funny things (or frustrating :o) that the kids did, or just random thoughts. We need more girlfriend. Especially w/you living so far away!