Saturday, November 11, 2006


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by © hunnerds2

My escape has gone unanswered too long
Hidden deep within turmoil, screaming to get out
I sit waiting, anticipating its return
To find relief
Yet my mind aimlessly wanders, searching

Confusion disrupts the flow and I’m left aching


sparky said...

Did you write this? I love it. Iknow you are a writer and so I imagine it came from you. Very cool!!
Hope you are doing well. love you.

sparky said...

Beth and I think you definately need to post more. All those baby pics you could just post here instead of emailing them out. THen we could just go on any time and see the kiddos and you. What goes on in your life daily. Iknow I want to hear about it!! Love ya

sparky said...

tell phil i got his comment and now i want to decorate a gingerbread house! fun!!! i miss you guys too and we are very excited about seeing you in the big state of TX