Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life, what can I say?

Frustrating. That's all I can say about today. First I'm fighting off a cold, thanks to my lovely children. Zycam has been helping tremendously. Then, I'm not looking forward to cleaning a 5500 sq ft home tomorrow; because I feel horrible in the mornings. You see I was supposed to clean it Friday, which would have been nice to have all day Monday w/ my husband (plus I felt better then than I do now), but professional florists messed that one up. So, Monday it is. Then, my daughter and I have been having words today. She tries to control everything and everyone around her. She thinks she can tell me what to say and do, etc. So we've been having some respect issues today. And to top it all off today, my car is completely dead!!! All I can do is look at that gas guzzling tank and shake my head. I've been confined to my house for 2 days now and I'm going nuts! The one day I want to brave holiday traffic and my car gave out on me! I'm about ready to let that thing roll off of a cliff with the amount of money we've dumped into it. Tahoes are over-rated!! That's why today all I can say is, frustrating!!! But you know what, I still have a smile on my face. It may have something to do with my previous post! Sorry for those of you who have asked, I just can't share right now. And no, it has nothing to do with being pregnant (just in case that was brought up when you guys were guessing). That will hopefully come at another time in the future. :)

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