Friday, November 14, 2008

Dog Gone

I wish I meant this literally! Remember a previous post titled "Evilness"? Well, she's back in full force and worse! I love dogs, always have, but boy, I'm wishing I didn't have any right now. In fact yesterday I was thinking that when my two pass some day, I will never get another dog! I can't say this with 100% certainty, but I'm pretty sure Barley is our culprit. Within the past week I noticed a chew mark on my couch cushion, not happy. Yesterday I came back after taking my son to Target and found that my dish rag had been obliterated and thrown away (my husband found it after coming back from volunteering in my daughters class). Today I come back from Kohls (almost went to Target again because I forgot trash bags, but decided against it and I'm glad I did) and find that my couch cushion that had minor chew markings had been destroyed. A huge hole right in the front of it, irrepairable! So, who do I blame? You guessed it, Barley. Now I brought her back inside by herself once I found it and she gave me some tension when getting closer to the damage. Disciplined extremely, probably should have brought her close to life's end, but I couldn't, my weakness. Then I brought Vader in by himself and took him over to the damage, no tension, just excited. So that led me to believe that I was right in my opinion. Vader has never shown any form of destruction, none, ever! Barley has even before we got Vader, so I'm sure she did it. I can't believe this. I'm beginning to think that if she keeps up this destruction, she's not worth having. Chewing my trim around the front door as a pup (still needs repaired, but very easy), chewing toys (that's been handled), chewing towels (don't use them in kennel anymore), chewing a hole in the carpet (never has been attempted again and it was repaired for free in home warrenty by the awesome carpet guys), chewing off the insulator material around the pipe to the ac unit (2x), chewing my dish rag, and now my couch cushion. I'm sure there's a few more things I could list, but the list is pretty extensive as it is. So what am I to do? Why now, why would she all of a sudden resort to this extreme behavior on my furniture? She's never even bothered it once before this ordeal. I need Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer! Maybe she needs to get out more and "work" off her anxiety, maybe she needs to know that her life hangs in my hands! Well, I guess I'll be looking for new couches sooner than later. Obviously not too soon, but one of these days when she's done being EVIL.


SPARKY said... know what i'm gonna say next right? why are your dogs inside??? didn't you learn enough from all my torture? i wasn't makin that stuff up you know. how could i?
unfortunately you know now. labs, any hyper dog, are the worst. ok, english pointers are #1 on that list, then labs. they can't control themselvs. so i figure, if they do chew, hopefully it'll be something in the kennel. but i too would like to say after my two pass, there will be no more. i'm sticking with fish.
sorry. i know how frustrating it is.

Kimberly said...

Funny that you mentioned the dog whisperer guy. I was just looking at a book by him in the airport today. I think I'm going to read it before we jump into being dog owners! :)