Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Minor injury=huge PAIN!

Yes, today I gave myself a very "minor" injury to my toe/s. Here's a lesson for all of you who probably already know. DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS WHILE RIDING A BIKE! My brother said I could blame this entire accident on my husband because I was riding up to our mail boxes to mail HIS parking ticket so it wouldn't be late. So there. Don't know what happened once out of my driveway. Somehow my left foot slipped out of my flip flop and off of the pedal landing straight down on my big toe. A little toe on the right foot also sustained some injury. It is worse than a normal stubbed toe. Why is it that a minor injury of removing several layers of skin hurts so freakin bad! It aches! For awhile I was wishing I was in child labor instead, at least it's a brief moment of pain and then it's over. Needless to say, not looking forward to showering tomorrow. I hope none of my neighbors heard me while toughing it out in my bathroom pouring alcohol on it and bandaging it. I had to vocalize my toughness so I didn't concentrate on the throbbing. Anyways, I know this is a weird post, but it's what's on my mind at this moment. You see, it's throbbing again and I may actually have to take something for it. My son is so cute. He looked at them (bandages on-and already needing changed) and said "their fine mommy." Of course I went on to say, no they really do hurt. And once again he showed his cuteness. "I know mommy, I know."

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SPARKY said...

yep, i've seen what that accident brought...yuck. hopefully it'll be healed soon and you can be back on your feet....literally