Monday, September 15, 2008

Can I get me some more afterburner?!

The answer is, yes I can!!! So this past weekend, Mtn Home AFB had the Thunderbirds in town for a free, yes, FREE, show! Of course we had to go. Now if I remember correctly I posted on the Blue Angels and how my kids cried the whole "Blue Angel" demonstration. You may ask why after such an experience w/ the kiddos I would attempt to do it again. Well, for one, they re-created the whole show for weeks, two, I love it, three, they said they wanted to go. So there. We all went, even the husband. Minus my husband's moodiness and my daughter crying the whole Thunderbird demonstration, it was awesome! My boy loved it, didn't cry once and actually watched the whole show! The only reason my daughter was crying was because she didn't get something she wanted, go figure. Of course, the highlight was getting buzzed by one of the jets while watching the 4 main ones flying in formation doing a loop up in the sky. I actually jumped, completely took me off guard. Love it! Would I do this again, yes, without question. We now know to go later, then stay later to take time to walk through all the planes. Although you miss all of the other planes flying. So maybe not, the kids just need to be older to really enjoy it. Oh, and once again, the kids are re-creating their experience at the Thunderbirds. Awesome!


Life As I Know It said...

Saw this and thought of you. You should check out their page. I saw at least one other Transformer decal.

SPARKY said...

yeah. that was fun. especially the part when i peed my pants :O) we enjoy it too! we'll most likely be there next year again!

Craig, Candace & Bachelor said...

That is so fun :) I have never been to one of these shows but imagine that it would be very cool. Hopefully you'll have a tear free experience at your next visit. :)

Oh, and thanks for the SweigartSpot link on your blog! I check out your blog regularly and love your great pictures!