Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Visiting Childhood Again

Growing up I was always into race cars, jets, cars in general, and what not. I was only 14 months older than my brother and I guess my dad's influence kept me from the girly stuff. Not that I'm complaining. When I found out that the Blue Angels were going to perform in Twin Falls, I had to go. It had been years since I've seen them, in fact I think it was the Thunderbirds that I saw last. I don't even know when that was. Anyways, I can remember dreaming of being a fighter pilot. And this last weekend most definitely reminded me of that. Don't know why I never went into the Air Force, life, I guess. Maybe it was just a fantasy of mine, but nevertheless, I still love fighter planes. I took the kids down with me to experience it themselves. My son took to it instantly, in fact he wanted to ride every single plane he saw. Try explaining to a 3 year old why he can't take a ride in an F16 or F18! My daughter on the other hand could take it or leave it, meaning, she could really care if she was there or not. Guess she doesn't share the same enthusiasm of jets with me, that's okay! We were there from 10am to about 430pm. It was hot, but it was well worth it. Especially when the F16 took flight. We ran out of the airport air conditioning to see it, then my son started freaking out screaming. He's seen them at a distance, but never this close to where you could physically feel the afterburners shaking you. Guess it was too much for him. He wanted it to land so it would be over. I don't even know how much of the Blue Angels they saw, between them crying (due to being tired and hot-they flew last, of course) and begging to go home. I myself didn't get to fully take in the experience because I was trying to get them to stop crying and then my son fell on his elbows from leaning on the orange plastic fence and was bleeding. When one of the Blue Angels snuck up behind the crowd then hit the afterburners once he was above us and flew over center point, it startled everyone and I missed out on the whole thing. Well, really only the taking in the experience part of it. You can't not miss that. At least I had a bag of skittles in my bag. That stopped the crying long enough to watch them fly, amazing what they do in those things. I loved every minute of it, and I think the kids did too. They have been reenacting the air show since we left Sunday and asking when we can see them again. I am so happy they enjoyed it because as a child I loved it also, and still do to this day. BTW, that is my picture taken from my piddly outdated digital camera. Not bad, huh? My timing was pretty good too. You should see some of them, I got either the nose or the tail. Quite funny.


Kimberly said...

You're blogging again! Sounds like you guys had a great time (as great as it could be with little kids anyway). I really want to go to the next air show around here -- they are awesome.

hot potato said...

great picture. funny story about he kids...that would have been me. i give you credit for taking them. i could totally see you flying jets, my friend.

i learned something about you in this post. if i don't see you before we leave for vaca...take care and i'll see you when we get back.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had such an enthusiasm for flying. Want to go? I can take you up in a plane that you wear as well as fly and let you fly it. Let me know
Good 1ce as ever was