Monday, July 14, 2008

Hmmph, what to say, what to say

Not much going on here. Typical lazy summer. Kids stay up way too late, sleep in late (that's a good thing), so do I (that's bad). Dog has found new ways to ruin the back yard, can't trust her inside alone and can't trust outside alone. I think she needs a friend. Not yet though, she's going to have to wait for somethings to fall into place. Lets see, have a mini family reunion this weekend. I get to see cousins I haven't seen anywhere from 5 years ago to 10+ years ago. Should be interesting. I finally decided to start working out again (it's been over 3 months). Finally got tired of the downward slope I was seeing in myself and after seeing the lbs melt off of my husband, well, that too was a huge motivator. It's only been the 4Th work out day so I still have to mentally prepare myself and give myself a little pep talk. That wall I hit over 3 months ago w/ my work outs was quite a dandy one! Kids are fine, being kids I guess. Most days they get along. My son I think finally got tired of being beat up on, so now we typically are on him for hitting sissy. My husband has also seen him sit on her to where she couldn't get up. He is 3 years younger and outweighs her. I actually am buying XS sizes in the boys section now. Unbelievable. He's a brute and she's controlling. Nice mix. I had a little talk with her today about not controlling other people and telling them how to play and what to say and telling others they're doing something wrong. I tried to get across the point to let people be who they "are" and to try encouraging them rather than running their lives. She's 6 and I'm having to have these talks. What else is going on in my life? The movie I've been waiting on for 3 years is finally releasing this Friday, that's right, The Dark Knight!!! Can't wait to see it in the movie theatre. Well, hope your days are more eventful than mine! One more thing before I leave. Why the heck is it so difficult to find a good butter dish!!!! I have been searching for a good one for months and have had no luck. I just don't get it. Well, have a good one.


SPARKY said...

ok, first off, do not get another dog. i not get another dog! you will hate your life...just borrow mine every once in a while. seriously! rams is great. they'd probably entertain themselves for hours
second, we need to schedule a couple days a week to car pool to the pool. let's get on that!
third, i love my butter dish. glass, very pretty, easy to clean. perfect size. i believe i picked it up at cost plus.
glad you're havin a good summer. love ya

hot potato said...

i love the title of your post. it's kind of the same drama here. here's to summer.