Thursday, November 02, 2006

What I Miss

Image hosted by by © aksinovits

I just recently came back from Idaho ("home") where I spent time with family and participated in a bridal show. For me, to walk down the cat-walk, trying to do "real" runway style, is completely out of my comfort zone. But you know what, I had so much fun doing it and hanging out with a great group of women. It surprises me how much of "myself" returns when I go home. I feel renewed, strong, confident... When I return to VA, I feel as if parts of me disappear. Why? I haven't figured it out.


sparky said...

we miss you and you did rock that runway if I do say so myself. I understand the dilemma of not knowing who you are in certain places. it eventually all comes together though. Sometimes we ARE just more one way than another in different enviroments.

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onehotpotato said...

okay so no one sent me the memo that you are officially blogging now! I had to go to that "sparky" blog to see that you left her a comment--welcome! how awesome is this? we loved having you here. i also was surprised at how much of a good time i had last weekend too. the girls were the best part. nothing catty or competitive--how rare? isn't life such a puzzle? i've been where you are. when I moved to idaho from the east coast it took years before i felt i was inspired to be myself and not hide behind my husband--who he knew and what he did. it will happen for you too--us strong ones always have to make our entrance eventually. i think the key is making your location-- "yours". i had to change the rules alittle by making things work for me and i had to let my voice be heard. if i couldn't campaign for myself effectively then how could i expect anyone else?