Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reptiles, What?!

My daughter is getting ready to turn 7. I can't believe how the time has flown. Anyway, in her lifetime up to this point, we've had a beta fish and of course 2 dogs at the present. I guess the dogs just aren't enough anymore. Everyday for the past week and a half she has continually reminded me how much she wants a lizard. No, we aren't talking toy lizards or stuffed lizards. We are talking about the real deal here. I seem to remember telling her years ago no lizards, no rodents, no spiders as pets. Dogs and fish, that's it. So last weekend while getting Barley her shots at the Zamzows pet clinic, I guess my husband said around the age of 7 she might be able to get one. Ok, where was I in this discussion? 7 years of age is too young to care full time for something like that, in my opinion. Who would this responsibility fall on, yup, me. Sorry, I'm no reptile of a person. I can do dogs and fish. I already have my hands full. I don't want the thought of a little green thing on 4 legs escaping and running around my house. I can see it now, she can't leave those things alone so she'll have it out of it's cage, it'll squirm away, and then right on it's tail would be my Barley. Not the site I want to encounter. Guess I better get quite creative, and soon.

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