Monday, October 27, 2008

Tis the Season

These little decorations have me itching to decorate already! I have to refrain from my excitement for a few more weeks though. Anyhoo, I just bought these cute little things yesterday from Costco! Love them. I have been eyeing these things for weeks now. They are cordless color changing snowflakes you hang in your window, 10 of them! Costco is selling them for $19.99, didn't realize how good of a deal that was until I went to Target and saw them for $4.99 each and unbelievably they were sold out. I can hardly wait to whip out all the decorations and all the new ones I bought last year during Target's 90% off sale after Christmas. I'm going to have to sweet talk my husband into hanging the outdoor lights early this year too. Why wait, the weather will continue to get colder and it's no fun hanging in freezing weather. I know this from experience and he'll tell you the same, especially when your roof is slick. Yeah, that's fun. I should probably stop writing about this because now I'm wanting to go and get my Christmas CD and start playing it. Well, just thought I'd share my favorite find right now.


SPARKY said...

i'm soooo glad we are such kindred spirits :O) i've been playing my christmas music since oct 1st! and i too have eyed some decor and rich has priced out all the lights he's getting this year. just tell philly that rich will have them up by the first week in november. we know how competative he is (pumpkin last night :O)
i've got lot's of great decor projects i'm working on. if you're a good girl, i may let you in on them:O) heck. we live so close, we should definately spend some time doing some stuff!

kitkat said...

sounds good to me. i'm feeling my house needs more christmas decor, just not sure what and how, don't want it looking tacky you know.