Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been tagged

Okay, I'm going to really try hard to come up with 6 things you don't know about me. Here goes:
1. I love drag racing, jets, sports cars etc. I grew up being surrounded by that stuff. So pretty much I'm not your typical girl. Probably why I had more boy friends than girl friends. Not only that, I'm handy"woman" of the house. The tools, their mine. I'm sure my husband wouldn't be too embarrassed to admit it either
2. I would love to work with animals, especially Cesar Milan the dog whisperer. Love that show. I keep trying to get Barley to watch with me, but for some reason she won't. I secretly practice my ssh and the backwards kick on the rear with her. I have some work to do. :)
3. I love cooking and baking! Food network has become quite the friend of mine over the years. I would love to try so many recipes, unfortunately with 2 picky eaters in the house, it'd be a waste. I always tend to lean toward Everyday Italian cooking.
4. I'm so technical and need organization and cleanliness, it's almost debilitating at times. When something is so unorganized (say my office that hasn't been touched in over a year) it gets ignored, it's so bad I can't think of where to begin. My husband is proud of me though for not touching it, he hates my technical side @ times and says this a big step for me. I don't think so, the job needs tackled and I just need to do it. I may know what is in each pile, but it needs to be organized!
5. I seem to be decisive on big decisions, but when it comes to little ones, like what shoes to buy for my kids, I can't make a decision. What's up with that?
6. I have a passion for photography, yet I've never really done it. I have a wish for a very nice camera, but it has continually been put on the back burner for other reasons. One of these days I will get to my passion.
I'm not going to tag anyone because I'm sure you've already been tagged. My husband, if you read this, I'll tag you but I'm sure you won't post on this.


Life As I Know It said...

Ok, so I didn't know we had so much in common. I can TOTALLY relate to your #4. I go crazy when things are chaotic and unorganized. And I have the Dog Whisperer set to record every time it is on. I also practice the shhh when no one is around. It is easier on my ego that way, since Sophie doesn't respond to it. :O)

SPARKY said...

omg....we are so much alike. first off. look at your blog and mine, we literally changed our look at the same time with the same idea, both with pumpkins as our blog pic....funnny!!!
ok, next, i too love to cook and bake. especially baking. i think cause my hubby gets so much pleasure from it. he likes sweets. also, the organization thing. have you seen my office. we are too funny huh? mine's been that way for two years now!!!
lastly, i'm funny about decisions too. i always return and stress about decisions of what to buy...etc....