Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Waiting Game

Well, my "evil one" finally got spayed on Sunday. The past two days have been great with her, she's actually been calm and has left the kids alone. Today she seems like she has fully recovered from the effects of anesthesia. So now it's a waiting game to see if spaying will actually help calm her a bit down the road. It was funny, when I went to pick her up and they give you all the instructions before taking her home, one of their instructions was like giving a bad kid constructive criticism. I felt like she got into trouble. My little Barley in trouble, no way! :) They told me that they "HIGHLY" recommend obedience training for her. The quotes and capitalization is to emphasise how it came across to me. I couldn't help but laugh inside. My poor 3rd child was too rowdy and now I'm getting instructions on how to remedy it. I know she needs obedience training, she's so smart, it will only make her that much better of a dog at home and around others. She may have her moments, but she really is a great dog! I know this is mean, but I wish I would have video taped her the day I brought her home. She kept swaying, her eyes couldn't focus for very long, and to add even more humor, I had them put a cone on her so she wouldn't lick the sutures. She kept running into things and even tripping over it in a sense. It's not as funny now, now she whips her head side to side with a lot of force until it flies off of her head. Gotta love dogs.

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hot potato said...

too funny. hopefully it works.