Thursday, December 06, 2007

Still no time

I can't believe it has been over a month! For me, there truly is not enough time in a day. Life is a lot busier here for me than in VA. My schedule is usually pretty much booked as much as I want it to be booked. Constantly trying to keep up w/ bills, cleaning, laundry, and such. The holidays are making that even harder right now, as usual. Oh and yeah, our newest addition to the family! She's cute, brown, furry, and has 4 legs. Yes, that would be a little 9week chocolate lab, Barley!! It is like having a 3rd kid, yes probably easier than really having a 3rd, but still. I can't get anything done. Potty training! Yeah. I should be potty training my son, but can't put full attention on that, I don't fully trust lil' Barley just yet. I'm not completely ignoring my son's potty training, we are trying, just not pure, uninterrupted attention. Oh yeah, after his bath last night I asked him if he needed to go and he got his stuff on the toilet and went pee! Awesome!! He was pretty excited and so were we. Can't wait to drop that expense. Anyway, got stuff to do while Barley is in her kennel for trying to eat a christmas ball ornament, that could have ended badly. A picture of her will follow here sometime, hopefully sooner than later.

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SPARKY said...

glad to see you've returned to us kit kat!!!
ok. so we are officially the worse pup in laws... we HAVE to come see your new addition. it'll be soon, i promise