Friday, June 15, 2007

CHAOS, we know each other

Okay, so yeah, still here, barely!!! 2 months have gone by. I have incredible reasons. Won't go into that though. Anyway, with what little time I have to be goofing off right now, HOUSE IS SOLD!!! Pray for home inspection and appraisal, but all is good. We leave the 21st so I'll be seeing you sometime the week of the 25th from my new home, Boise. Phil has to fly back on the 27th and sign at the closing on the 28th, then works one more shift and drives, again, that first Monday in July. I have to say I have gotten to know "CHAOS" very well, we're buddies right now. My kids are still alive, even though they may hate me right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we're running toward it. This ordeal is almost over! Thank you Lord for guidance, stamina to keep moving forward when chaos and stress hit the fan, and the open doors!


Dionna said...

I'm so glad you sold your house. I know that takes heaps of concern off your mind.

hot potato said...

i am happy to hear the news. you will love your new life here in boise. you will find rest real soon.